Truck Dispatch Companies in USA

ATC Dispatching is a one of the best Truck Dispatch Companies in USA that provides top-notch dispatching services for entrepreneurs and small trucking companies. We help find the best possible truckload at the best prices and focus on delivering to you in a professional manner. Our team of highly skilled and professionally trained truck dispatchers have been in the business for many years and know the roads inside and out. We know that driving isn’t easy. That’s why our dispatchers negotiate the highest prices on your behalf to make sure you get your money’s worth for all those miles. We take care of all truck paperwork and negotiate with brokers on your behalf so you can focus on growing your business. We’re not looking for short-term clients, we’re looking for long-term partners because we know your success is our success. Maximize your earning potential with our shipping services.

Truck Dispatch Companies

The best shipping services for trucking companies.

Our experienced truck dispatchers match you directly with brokers so you can focus on driving. We take care of all the necessary paperwork. You no longer have to worry about tracking lumper and detention pay with the broker. Our in-house dispatchers handle all the paperwork for you. You pick the areas you want to drive in, and we negotiate hard for the best-paying rates and quality routes. You work directly with and get paid by the best shippers and brokers. Your dedicated truck dispatcher will look at multiple load boards to find you the best dry van, flatbed, and reefer. ATC Dispatching keeps you on the road so you don’t leave your trucks on the road for days.

ATC Dispatching is a “full service” truck dispatching company that does all the back-office work so you can compete with large fleets. Normally a large carrier would hire someone to take care of all of these tasks, but that is prohibitively expensive for a small carrier. That’s where ATC Dispatching comes in! Our process is simple: your dedicated truck dispatcher works with you on your terms. We develop the best lanes that fit your desired schedule. Whether you want to be at home every night, every other night, or every other week, our truck dispatchers will work with you to develop a lane that meets your objectives.