Freight Dispatch Company in USA

ATC Dispatching is a competitive cargo handling service with a team of highly skilled cargo handlers with a results-oriented approach. Save time and optimize your revenue potential by utilizing our scheduling and dispatching services. In short, we want to help you find loads, whether you’re a small or established carrier. No longer settle for the cheap flat rate loads that you dispatch on your own when you have time, get the highest possible rates with the help of ATC Dispatching.

When you sign up with ATC Dispatching, you’ll be assigned a professional truck dispatcher to manage your account. You can count on your dedicated dispatcher to know the trucking industry well and be committed to finding you the best deals on the best freight to meet your specific needs. It’s not just about looking for the best loads on the load boards, it’s also about skillfully negotiating those loads with the freight broker so that you get the best rate for those loads as well.

Truck Dispatch Companies

Setting up our freight shipping service is simple. We are an experienced and reliable shipping company that maintains good relationships with the carriers we work with. Because of this, our onboarding is smooth and streamlined.
We provide freight dispatching services with full confidence. We are professionals with years of experience in freight and truck dispatching and have in-depth knowledge of the specifics. We know the ins and outs of equipment along with federal and local regulations. Our freight dispatching company constantly monitors freight rates, load boards, brokers and shippers to find the best deals for our customers.

Unlike many other freight dispatch companies, ATC Dispatching focuses on a comprehensive approach, providing end-to-end services to free drivers from the stress of searching for loads, making calls, filing paperwork or struggling to get paid. Our freight dispatch service provides ongoing training for dispatchers and encourages them to identify problems before they arise. We promote agility, effective teamwork and a responsible attitude among the drivers we serve. Our goal is to keep your trucks on the road and pave the way for your growth!