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ATC Dispatching:

ATC Truck dispatching services will find you loads in the areas of your choice in the USA. Once you sign up with us, we will start looking for loads on your behalf. ATC truck dispatching services providers will work hard to get you consistent freight. We are a full-service dispatching company that specializes in matching owner-operators with the highest-paying loads in the industry. We provide shippers with dependable service for their dedicated fleets at an affordable rate.

Why choose us

ATC Dispatching is a trustworthy and accurate Truck, Taxi and Limousine dispatch service provider. Meeting the needs of the customers and providing the best solution is our priority and we work in such a way that it will surely bring the best growth results for your business. We provide a friendly environment for your drivers and customers over the phone and a top-notch customer service platform to enhance your business. We promise to deliver quality services to you and your customers and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Benefits of working with us

ATC Dispatching offers the best dispatch service, IT service, BPO solutions and calls answering services to help your business grow the way you want. We offer dispatchers the ability to answer calls, dispatch trips and monitor their fleet of drivers with fewer errors. You won’t be able to see them through windows or cameras while they do all these things professionally, but you will have a record of every call they take and their schedules for quality assurance. This is done through proprietary software that keeps you informed in real-time about the operation, the calls and much more.

Message from the CEO

Welcome to our website! Thank you for visiting our website. Customer service and satisfaction is the key to success in any business. We promise to provide your business with the best customer service and support. That's how our company operates and makes you feel comfortable doing business with us. ATC Dispatching is all about customer care, dispatch services, IT services and project management. Our dedicated team is always focused and enthusiastic about customer care and satisfaction. Our main goal is to facilitate and understand our clients' complex problems to solve them quickly and build a strong relationship with our clients as this is the only thing that drives revenue, sustainability and growth. We continuously focus on below points:


Aamir Ranjha


The quality of work is of great importance in any business, meeting the expectations of the customers.


When a company introduces new services, processes or products to bring about positive changes in its business, innovation is really important.


In any business, service delivery is essential, especially when it comes to promoting the profitability of the business.


The growth of a business involves and analysis of performance against its goals and objectives.

What Make Us Special

Our strengths and advantages make us different from our competitors that meets all our customers' demand

Competitive rates

Offer low cost for dispatching and back office services

always on time

Guarantee on-time delivery with all our customers

advanced technology

Enhance our performance with modern technology

fast and realiable

A mandatory requirement for all companies

24/7 support

We answer all your questions anytime you need us

Safe Dispatching

Ensure safety for Driver with our careful dispatching

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